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Renewable – best wood pellets for heating

Wood pellets are produced from wood shavings and sawdust. Austria is among the most richly forested countries in Europe. Over 30 million solid cubic meters of wood grow each year. The timber stock in Austrian forests has been increasing for years despite intensive use for construction timber, paper manufacturing and as an energy source.

Sustainable – bulk wood pellets for sale near me

The fossil fuels market is unpredictable and could rise dramatically. In comparison, the supply of wood from domestic forests is much more secure and less volatile. Austria produces more wood pellets solely as by-products of timber processing than are consumed in the country.

Cost-effective – wood pellets for sale

If you choose wood pellets instead of fossil oil or natural gas, you can save about half of your expenses on fuel. The economic advantages of wood pellets are striking, especially considering their cost-effectiveness is enhanced by highly efficient heating devices.

Eco-friendly – where buy wood pellets

The thermal power of wood is up to 60% higher than that of fossil fuel, which results in better heating efficiency. No additional energy is required for producing electricity as the pellets are already compressed and ready to burn. The CO2-reduction of 95% compared with heating oil saving (although the production and transport of pellets has to be taken into account), means that a large domestic customer only needs about 150 m³ per year of wood pellet for heating their home. This means less carbon dioxide from your home heating in comparison with gas or oil, and a lower electricity consumption as well.

Domestic Economy –  wood pellets prezzo

The use of wood pellet is not only an ecologically sound, but also an economical solution for heating. The price of fossil fuels has gone up steadily in the last few years and does not show any signs of coming down. There are numerous advantages to using wood pellets over other fuels such as oil, gas and electricity.

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